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TTheme session: 'Schaamte, woede en verdriet'


Organized for the VvTE, the theme session: " 'Schaamte, woede en verdriet " with Jeroen Smit
Jeroen Smit gave a very entertaining speech about the demise of ABN Amro. He spoke to many people involved and, in this way, managed to answer the question of how ABN Amro went under.

Afterwards each VvTE-er received the book "De Prooi" free. In addition, there was the possibility to have the book signed by Jeroen Smit personally. This option was eagerly used. During the drink there was extensive talk.

The evening can rightly be called a great success. More than 300 visitors were fascinated by the story of Jeroen Smit.

TTheme session:  'Schaamte, woede en verdriet'