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Business Valuation


The value of a company is the value of the future cash flow (free cash flow). The determination of the value is by definition subjective. The calculation of the true intrinsic value, the fundamental value of a company, is therefore more art than science. A too great faith in the standard valuation methods can give a false impression of precision.
Commonly used methods to determine the value of a (listed) company are:

1. De MV (Market value), the value on the stock market.
2. De PV (Present Value), the DCF method.
3. Multiples, using similar transactions.

For small businesses the following methods are used also:
4. The “eenvoudige rentabiliteitswaarde”
5. The “verbeterde rentabiliteitswaarde” (assuming a normative balance)

PCS Business Consultancy can help you valuating your company.

Business Valuation